The Variety
The tomato Piennolo del Vesuvio is oval in shape, small in size and has the characteristic longitudinal grooves called "coasts" and a little lace at the lower end.
Its name comes from an ancient practice of conservation, known "al Piennolo" which involves tying tomatoes to form the clusters, the "silly", which are hung on the walls or ceilings of ventilatedrooms.




The Territories
Company's planted fields are situated in the towns of Pollena Trocchia, San Sebastiano al Vesuvio and Massa di Somma, in the National Park of Vesuvio, near Naples, around 250 meters above sea level.
The soil is of vulcanic origin, is fertile and rich in minerals. The Mediterranean climate and good sun exposure fields impart a distinctive flavor to the tomato.


The seeds, selected and retained by the manufacturer, are sown in the seedbed in late February and in April the plants are transplanted in the field.
The cultivation takes place on one hectare of land and fertilized by organic substance as manure and crop residues.
The small plants are watered only in the early stages of the transplantation. Weeds are removed by hand with the only help of the hoe. For the defense of pests and diseases are used methods provided by the integrated production rules drafted by the Campania Region.



The Tomato is collected manually from July to August.

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