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Colline Salernitane DOP extra virgin olive oil was born in ancient times and it derives from native varieties that have always been present in Salerno.

Historically, Salerno hosted the first forms of olive growing as early as the Focesi. It was precisely these colonists from ancient Greece who introduced the olive tree to the Alento plain.

Later, thanks to the Romans and the first terraces on the hills, olive growing spread throughout the Salerno area. Colline Salernitane extra virgin olive oil is one of the products from Campania protected by the DOP brand.

It is the result of the work that engages 86 municipalities in the province of Salerno. The crops extend along the Amalfi Coast, the Upper and Middle Sele river, the Tanagro hills, the Picentini & the Alburni mountains and a part of the Vallo di Diano valley.

The DOP denomination dates back to 1997, while the Consortium for the protection of extra virgin olive oil Colline Salernitane was recognized by MIPAF in April 2005.

The cultivars

The Colline Salernitane DOP extra vergin olive oil is extracted from native varieties that have been present in Campania for a long time; this has allowed green gold to maintain its original characteristics unchanged until today.

The oil is obtained from the fruits of the olive of the Rotondella, Frantoio, Carpellese or Nostrale varieties, present in the olive groves, alone or together, in a measure of not less than 65% and of the Ogliarola and Leccino varieties in a measure not exceeding 35%.

The organoleptic characteristics

Making the Colline Salernitane DOP extra virgin olive oil easily recognizable is, first of all, the golden yellow color with green reflections. The fruity aroma of medium intensity is enriched with floral hints and hints of tomato. The taste is a fine, vegetable oil, with aromatic and artichoke references that close in a light spicy point.


It is precisely the aromatic notes that recommend its use in the preparation of rather substantial dishes. For example, excellent results are obtained with clam, squid and potato soups, green salads and fish-based first courses typical of the Campania region.

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