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Alfonso Pepe - Mastro Dolciere


The respect for the product and its quality is expressed in the craftsmanship: this is Alfonso Pepe. All started 30 years ago with the first work experience at his uncle Gaetano's bakery, that feeded his passion for art pastry.

Dream become true since Alfonso finally opened his own pastry shop with his three brothers Prisco, Giuseppe and Anna, with whom started the company that bears the family name. The dream became true preserves the dedication and the caring of a typical family business.

The care and love lavished in the work leading Alfonso Pepe to join the Academy of Pastry Chefs and specialize in the processing of yeast, to become, universally acknowledged, the best player in Italy in the preparation of Panettone and to get the first place in the "Gambero Rosso" for La Colomba, typical italian Easter cake.

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